Welcome to Citoe

Citoe is a Dutch organisation, ISO9001:2008 certified, established specifically for importing Asia manufactured laboratory equipment into Europe.

The Citoe company is a main distributor for the manufactures in Asia, especially China and promote a superb range of products through a carefully selected qualified network of European dealers in most EU countries.

Our goal is to produce and distribute high quality laboratory equipment manufactured by our partners in Asia and sell them in Europe for a reasonable price.

Citoe engineers have had a major impact regarding design and quality of most of the equipment, but even more important - we take care of all the necessary paperwork like manuals, import documents, brochures and so on.

In Lopikerkapel, the Netherlands less than 60 kilometres from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, we have our office, warehouse, sparepart storage and training facilities.
Here, all the products that Citoe imports from Asia, we test, modify and certify before shipping them to the final destination somewhere in Europe - to one of our dealers or directly to the end-user.

Our Citoe “CQ-Quality Certificate” is a well known and accepted warranty that these products, sold into the European market, are tested and approved according the demands accustomed in Europe.

Only equipment that stand our tests will be sold with CE certificate and our CQ-label and will be redirected to CITOE customers.
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